How do I find out more about the franchise opportunity?
If you would like to find out more about this opportunity then you can download our franchise prospectus, or contact us directly. All of our contact details can be found on our contact page.
Is there a demand for the products?
Yes. Our franchise was developed because the demand for the product began to exceed the capacity of the original OM business 6 years ago.
Will it be difficult to generate clients?
We offer a centralised lead generation system to assist you while you concentrate on making money. However we also offer full training on sales and reaching the right target market with the right message. The whole idea of joining a franchise system is that it makes client acquisition much easier.
Do I need to have experience?
Yes. We only accept marketing professionals with at least five years of experience and a proven track record in developing marketing strategies. Find out if you fit our criteria on our who we want page.
How will you train me to run my new business?
We offer full training and ongoing support. Find out more about our training.
How will you support me?
Associate consultants benefit from both one to one mentoring and a collaborative support network. You will receive regular review meetings, weekly catch up calls and the opportunity to collaborate with other associate consultants.
What can I expect to earn?
The harder you work the more you make. Realistically you can expect monthly fees of £3000 - £6000+.
How long is the franchise agreement?
The franchise agreement is for a 5-year period with an 36 month break-out clause. Once the initial term has expired it automatically moves onto a rolling annual contract.
How long does the set up process take?
The process between application and commencing trading as OM is relatively quick. Once you have been accepted as a franchisee we will arrange suitable dates for the five day training which could be within a week of acceptance and once this is completed you can begin trading as OM straight away.
Will I be accepted?
Unfortunately we cannot accept everyone. We would need to interview you before we can identify if we believe you have what it takes.
Will I be able to speak with your current franchisees?
Yes, after we have had the initial Discovery Meeting, we are more than happy to provide details of existing associate consultants so you can make the right decision.
What if I already have some of my own clients?
As part of the franchise agreement you can only trade as Opportunity Marketing so any existing clients would be transferred in as part of the agreement. However any clients agreed at the start of the process as being existing – will remain clients of the franchisee at the end of any term of agreement.
Do I have my own franchise area?
No. Opportunity Marketing is not a territory based organisation. We are building the network organically in a structured way, however, so will be limiting the number of associates working within close proximity to each other.
Is there a refund period if I change my mind or my circumstances change?
Yes and No. If you change your mind at least 5 working days before the induction training has taken place we are prepared to provide a full refund. Once the training has taken place however, no refunds are available.
Do I have to follow a set business system - how much flexibility is there?
The core benefit of joining a franchise network is that there a proven business model that works. Opportunity Marketing trains you in the delivery of this systems and would expect you to use the tools provided. We also understand that there different nuances in the ways that people work so there is sensible degree of flexibility in the delivery of this.
What happens to my initial franchise fee?
A proportion of the franchisee fee goes towards the collateral you will receive, including updating the website to provide your own dedicated page. In addition the fee covers training and centralised marketing activity to generate leads for the associate consultants. The majority of the initial fee is reinvested back into the business to support you.
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