What happens next?

Stage 1: Enquiry

If you think you have what we are looking for and are interested in becoming an associate consultant then contact us. You can call, e-mail or use our quick enquiry form. All of our contact details can be found on our contact page.

Stage 2: Introductory presentation

Once we have received your enquiry we will arrange for you to have our introductory presentation where you will be given more detailed information on our franchise consultancy.

Stage 3: Notification of interest 

If you are seriously interested at this stage and are in a position to become an associate consultant then you should notify us and we will arrange a discovery meeting.

Stage 4: Discovery Meeting

You will meet with Ian Kirk for a discovery meeting. This meeting will determine if you have what we are looking for in our associate consultants. This is also a chance for you to ask any questions, discuss any reservations you may have and make sure this is the right direction for you.

Stage 5: Accept or decline

Ian will decide if you are suitable for the franchise and if you are you will have the chance to accept or decline the offer.

Stage 6: Review & sign the agreement

Once you have accepted then you will need to sign the terms and conditions of the franchise agreement.

Stage 7: Payment of start-up fee and first months licence fee

These fees are all outlined in the franchise prospectus and detailed in the franchise agreement.

Stage 8: Five day training workshop

This will be arranged as soon as possible after the agreement has been signed. The training will be carried out in Leeds, West Yorkshire and held over five consecutive full days.

Access to all documentation, systems and support

As part of the training programme you will have access to all necessary documents, systems and processes.

Stage 9: Start trading as Opportunity Marketing

Congratulations you are ready to start trading as Opportunity Marketing.

Stage 10: Regular Reviews

For the first 6 months you will receive monthly reviews and weekly calls where you will receive ongoing support and advice. Once you are fully up and running the meetings will move to a quarterly basis but support will always be available if you need advice or guidance.

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