Our full five day training workshop will cover everything you need to know to start trading as Opportunity Marketing.

The training will cover:

 In-depth training on the product packages
 How to execute each package successfully
 Working with clients to find out about their business, past and present campaigns and what they want to achieve
 Analysis of information to develop strategic marketing plan
 Your own sales and marketing strategy
 How to generate leads
 Networking skills
 Selling the packages and associated sales processes
 In house systems and tools
 Invoicing process
 CRM system
 Being self-employed and running your own business

The training workshop will cover the essentials you need to begin trading and making money. There will be ongoing training, support and mentoring (as required) as you grow your business.

Although you will be essentially working for yourself, Ian will always be on hand to mentor you. You will be able to communicate with other associate consultants to share best practice, brainstorm ideas, keep up to date on ever changing industry developments and tap into each other's specific skill sets. Our collaborative support network sets us apart from other franchises.