4 factors involved in helping you breed a successful business idea

8 July 2016
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8 July 2016, Comments: 0

business ideaStarting a business is an exciting time but before you do there a numerous things that need considering – with the biggest being what your business will actually be. This is the first step which has to be right in order for you to ever achieve any real success. A poor business idea will really struggle to take off so take your time assessing your options in these early stages.

New businesses are usually formed from a mixture or even just one of the following few factors, and there’s a chance that you’ll either be able to relate to them or they could provide potential avenues to look into in order to come up with a business idea.

  • Eureka moment

This is the stereotypical form of conjuring up a business idea. Having a Eureka moment is often thought as being uncontrollable, however there are plenty of arguments to suggest that it can be controlled to an extent as the idea involved is formed from your own experiences and creative exposure. However, it is one of those occurrences which you can’t necessarily bank on happening.

  • Demand

Now this is what really matters, demand! There are 2 ways in which you can look at demand to come up with a business idea. First off you can jump on the bandwagon of an existing popular product or service on the market for which the demand is sufficient enough for you to also benefit from. Alternatively, you can introduce a new product to the market to fulfil a need and cater for demand which isn’t being seen to at the moment.

The benefits of going with a product or service similar to something which is currently popular is that you know people will be willing to part with their cash for it. However, in this case you will find yourself with existing, and in some cases established, competitors.

On the other hand going with a new product allows you to enter the market with little competition however there isn’t a guarantee that your anticipated demand will actually be met.

  • Passion

Having a passion for something can also help breed a business idea. What you have a passion for can vary greatly, whether it be an entire sector or a specific type of product so you might still need to hone in on to something specific to create a business out of it.

The beauty about creating a product/service, and thus a business, from something you’re passionate about is that in most cases it won’t feel like work. Yes, starting a business is likely to bring about some stresses however being surrounded by something you love with certainly make it easier to get on out of bed on a Monday morning.

  • Knowledge & experience

Some business ideas come as the result of working and developing an understanding within a particular sector. While you might not have a passion for the industry itself, years or working and gaining experience can lead to ideas – e.g. developing better equipment or processes to improve performance or productivity within that field.

Regardless of what your business idea is, going it alone and working for yourself can certainly be rewarding. The Opportunity Marketing Franchise model is designed to allow skilled marketers to do just that but without all the added work of setting up your own business from scratch. If you or anyone you know has marketing experience and would like to work for themselves then be sure to get in touch as this could be just the opportunity you’ve been looking for.

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