4 steps to successfully win more clients

12 August 2016
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12 August 2016, Comments: 0

win more clientsWhen it comes to working for yourself you are pretty much responsible for your own success –  and a major factor in being successful is being able to win clients.

The process of winning new clients can be a daunting one if you don’t know where to start. We understand this and so we’ve looked at 4 steps you should take to start attracting more business.

Get yourself known offline AND online

We’ve stressed on the importance of networking a countless number of times and that’s because it really is that important in your success. The business opportunities that networking can open up to you are crucial during the initial stages where you’re still making a name for yourself and growing a client base and portfolio. You can get yourself started by taking a look at findnetworkingevents.com to find networking events near you.

While networking can help you become known offline, you still need to develop a presence online. This means that you need to be searchable for those people who require your services on search engines. Work on your SEO and improving your organic ranking along with increasing your PPC efforts.

If done adequately, the culmination of these 2 should maintain a steady stream of incoming enquiries.

Be easily accessible

Being easy to contact as well as always being accessible is crucial in winning more clients. Chances are that when clients come looking for your service, they’re also considering 1 or 2 other competitors. So if you aren’t able to respond to them in a timely manner then they could well already be in contact with someone else.

in order to ensure you’re easily accessible you should have multiple ways for people to reach you e.g. via phone, email and social media. This will give them an alternative means of getting in touch with you and also grant you more than one avenue to contact them.

Get your proposition across succinctly

Generating leads is all good and well but you need to be able to communicate how your services can provide the solution to their problem in a swift and coherent manner. Clients don’t want to listen to sales pitches, we’ve all heard far too many of those to last a lifetime. Get across what you can do while they’re interested to move that bit closer to converting them to a sale.

Give clients a choice

Regardless of who your potential clients are the fact remains that no one likes a hard sell. Customers of any nature like to feel like they have some control over the sales process and offering your services as packages at varying price points allows you to grant them this choice.

Having packages set a varying price points also increases the chances of your clients finding something that suits them both for their business needs and their financial resources.

At Opportunity Marketing we try to help our associates as best as possible in winning new clients – from suggesting which networking events would be suited to them to helping them succinctly get across the sales proposition. In addition to this we also offer (while we don’t promise) centrally generated leads whenever possible. You can find out more about the Opportunity Marketing Franchise and what makes it different here.

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