Is it the right time to start your own marketing business?

27 May 2016
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27 May 2016, Comments: 0

If you’ve worked within marketing for a while then you’ve probably experienced both the joys and the stresses it can bring with it. While the rewarding nature of seeing your marketing efforts reap results can bring great highs – there are also occasions where your working environment can make the role difficult to the extent where it’s no longer enjoyable.

We’ve looked at a few signs which could signal that it’s time for you to go it alone.

Working with people who don’t understand marketing

What can often be the best part of working within a business can also be the worst – the people you’re forced to work with. Spending at least 8 hours a day at the office in most roles means that these people can often become the ones that you end up communicating with the most. While fellow colleagues might be great for laugh at the office, it’s the senior members of the organisation, the ones you need to convince about your marketing spend and activity, who you need to really hope are on a similar wavelength to you.

Having senior members of staff who don’t fully understand marketing can quickly become frustrating as it is likely to hold you back from implementing things in order to progress the business. This restrictive approach can really take the edge away from the enjoyable elements of working within marketing and can often lead to an increased degree of pressure to achieve results while being limited by the activities available.

Under staffed and under trained

Another aspect of working within certain organisations is the size and strength of your team. If you haven’t had a hand in the recruitment process, then you could find yourself stuck with a marketing team which simply isn’t skilled enough to implement the activities you’d like. This can prove to be pivotal in the downfall of your marketing activities as those carrying out the tasks need to be of a certain level in order for you to actually achieve results.

In addition to this there’s also the chance of being understaffed and not having enough hands to carry out all of the marketing activities. This can often lead to you having to work longer hours to make up for the shortfall which will in most cases have an adverse impact on other aspects of your life.

The fact you’ve read this far

The simple fact that that you’ve found your way to this blog and read two thirds of the way down would suggest that going alone is something that’s on your mind. If you have a genuine passion for marketing, then your goal should ultimately be to do what you love while earning enough to maintain the lifestyle you’d like – and we believe the Opportunity Marketing Franchise model allows marketing professionals to do exactly that.

You can get started working for yourself without the hassle of setting up a company from scratch. There no need for branding, website development or any other marketing collateral – once you’ve signed up and trained you’re all set to start servicing your own clients.

We like to stress the importance of fully understanding what it takes to work for yourself, and while associates can work in a collaborative nature, you are ultimately accountable for your own work. Therefore, feel free to have a look through our FAQs and even get in touch to see if this is the right opportunity for you.

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