Be your own boss

Working for yourself

Work limitations can be frustrating. Maybe you don’t get the appreciation you deserve. Perhaps you aren’t involved in decisions that affect you. Sometimes you wish there was a bit more flexibility. If you feel like you are giving a company more than you are getting out of it then it may be time to consider a change.

There are many reasons why people choose to start their own business; becoming self-employed is very rewarding. Some of the benefits to being your own boss are:

 Be independent
 No corporate politics
 Greater job satisfaction
 Control your own destiny 


In the last 5 years the contribution of franchising to the UK economy has grown by 20% to £13.7 billion. Franchises employ 561 000 people in the UK and 4 in 5 franchises are profitable within 2 years.* However, Opportunity Marketing's franchise model ensures all associate consultants are profitable in their first year, due to its low up front investment cost and proven system.

Franchises are ready-made businesses and can bring the same rewards as starting from scratch. A franchise gives you a proven template to work to as well as the freedom to run things your way.

Franchising offers the following additional benefits:

 Make profit quicker
 Get help with admin and finance
 Work to a proven business model
 Learn from someone else’s mistakes 
*Statistics from

Is It Right For You?

Becoming self-employed may seem attractive but it takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Running your own business is by no means easy and you may prefer the security of working for an existing business.

However, if you are considering working for yourself and can describe yourself as follows then you could be the next successful business owner:

 Able to work independently