5 Signs you need a new challenge

1 December 2015
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1 December 2015, Comments: 0


5 Signs you need a new challenge


Being in same job for too long can lead to you feeling bored, deflated and undervalued. Not being able to play to your strengths will only be a hinderance and if your mind is elsewhere it might be that you need to think about trying something new. Here are five signs you need a new challenge:


  • Lack of motivation – If the passion and drive you once had for your job has faltered, you might need to think about setting your sights on a new chapter in your working life. It’s best to try something new when you are no longer motivated by what you do, pursue your passions and something that keeps you interested.


  • Struggling to meet requirements – Sometimes your workload can begin to feel daunting. Struggling to complete work and the feeling that your lacking the additional skills needed is difficult to come to terms with, but if its not working out, look to pastures new. It’s unfair to the rest of the department if you can’t be as productive as you should be, a challenge better suited to you will keep you productive and get the best out of you.


  • Not using your strongest skills – It goes without saying that you will always excel doing what your best at, not being able to use your strengths will only hold you back from your true potential. It’s great to work on additoinal skills, but playing to your strengths is the easiest, and quickest route to success.


  • It’s too easy – The job you’ve been doing for a number of years could have become too straightforward for your liking, and if a promotion or some extra responsibilities haven’t came your way its likely that your going to get bored. If there are no signs of progression where you are, trying something new will give you the option to furfill your potential and get you the responsibilites you deserve.


  • Having your own ideas – Being part of a company or working for someone else can leave you in a position of where you can’t express the business ideas that you feel strongly about. Having your own way of doing things that you truly believe is better suited for you, or your profession can open up the possiblities of self-employment. Your ideas may lead to a better prospects, and not being able to convey them might lead to you missing out on greater opportunities.


Figuring out that you might need to try something new isn’t a ‘eureka’ moment. If you feel you’re unhappy with your current work for one reason or another it’s best not to just grin and bare it, explore the possible opportunities available to you and decide on your next step.




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