Employment vs Self Employment: 3 Myths Busted

8 February 2016
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8 February 2016, Comments: 0

employment vs unemployment

People often draw up very black and white conclusions when looking at the advantages and disadvantages of working either fully employed or self employed (in your own business or within a franchise). The fact is that not every employed job is the same in the same way that not every franchise model is the same.

Therefore we’ve looked at some of the most common myths involved when comparisons are made and also looked at how the Opportunity Marketing Franchise model overcomes these.

Myth #01: Job security & a stable income

Many people will often state that going self employed is risky as you lose the job security you have while you’re employed. On the face of it this may seem to be a reasonable claim but you have to start to wonder just how many jobs can still be considered as being ‘secure’? Last year alone saw major businesses such as Hewlett Packard, Centrica and HSBC all make cuts to their workforce. Now if large, well established businesses from a range of sectors are forced to make cuts then surely many job roles are left on that tightrope which is dictated by the business’s overall performance in an unpredictable economic climate.

Therefore in relative terms going self employed isn’t necessarily as risky as many are led to believe. Additionally when working for yourself you are accountable for your own success, so if you dedicate the time and effort to your business then chances are you will see it thrive.

At Opportunity Marketing we work primarily with SMEs (an area which is growing rapidly in the UK) and offer a service to them which isn’t readily available so the amount of potential work for franchisees is significant. In addition to this occasional centrally generated leads are also passed on to franchisees, creating another channel to gain clients and reducing the likelihood of a depletion of work and thus income.

Myth #02: Cost of running your own business

Another statement which is often banded around is that it’s too expensive to start your own business. This is true to an extent but is very much dependant on the business which you decide to go into. Opening a shop can be expensive as it requires costs such as renovation of the property, rent and even capital to finance your initial stock. However other roles aren’t quite the same.

Take for instance working as a consultant where it isn’t compulsory for you to have your own office as a lot of face to face client meetings can be held at their premises or even at a coffee shop. Additionally you can also work from home which means that you aren’t only saving on the cost of renting an office but you also save on additional bills such as your internet as you’ll most likely have a pre existing connection. You will however still have costs involved with developing the branding and website for your business, that is unless you buy into a franchise.

Buying into some franchises can be expensive but the major benefit they provide is that the core elements of the business are already set up – from the company’s branding to having a fully functioning website to developing a reputable name. This means that you can focus on making money quicker.

While some franchises may charge extortionate fees to buy into them, at Opportunity Marketing it’s a completely different case. We charge a much smaller fee (which covers your initial training as well as your buy in), reducing the financial burden and risk involved with setting up.

Myth #03: Less time with the family

People tend to believe running your own business requires you to work around the clock whereas being employed guarantees you fixed working hours, once more this is no longer the case. Many people in many fields now often work well beyond their designated office hours and so employment doesn’t ensure you’ll always have that guaranteed time away from the office.

Time generally is a valuable asset and it becomes even more so when starting your own business. Getting your business up and running can take an incredible amount of time and effort and can ultimately draw you away from your friends and family. However as mentioned above, buying into a franchise means that these initial set up stages are already taken care of.

The Opportunity Marketing Franchise removes the headaches of starting out and establishing your company. All the tasks involved from branding to developing a website to incorporating a CRM system are all catered for allowing you to get stuck into actually making money. Additionally you’re able to manage your time far better as the number of clients and level of work you wish to take on is completely up to you. You also have the choice set your own geographical parameters, meaning if you don’t want to spend time travelling long distances to meet clients then you don’t need to and you can instead focus on taking on clients closer to your locale. This gives you the freedom to spend that much needed time with family if you wish or push yourself and work at full capacity if you’re looking to make more money.

If you’d like to find out more about our franchise opportunities then be sure to get in touch. You can call us on 0333 32044108 or get in touch via email at info@opportunitymarketing.co.uk.

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