How to achieve mental wealth by working for yourself

9 September 2016
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9 September 2016, Comments: 0

achieve mental wealthBefore we get into this blog let’s look at what we mean by “mental wealth”. For us the notion of mental wealth is about relieving some of the everyday stresses that are associated with life while still managing to find a way to enjoy financial freedom.

One of the major stresses which people face on a daily basis is associated with their working life. People’s jobs can affect them in a number of ways which aren’t conducive to their mental state. We’ve listed a few of the situations people typically face and aren’t happy with below.

  • Forced to work long hours due to their work load
  • Work with people who don’t value them
  • Working a 9-5 shift places them in a routine where they feel like the monotony of life has taken over
  • Don’t get a chance to spend quality time with family

We’ve listed just a few of issues here however we’re sure many of you have experienced at least one at some point. Having the constant stress of any one these on a day to day basis isn’t ideal and is unlikely to grant you the freedom to live happily if it’s always playing on your mind.

It’s in these situations that you need to ask yourself whether it’s worth finding an alternative to your current role. If you feel so then it could be time to look for a new role or start working for yourself.

Relieving the stress of work

Making this change and working for yourself can allow you to work when you want. Being your own boss and working from home means that you have a degree of freedom, and while client work has to be completed by the given deadlines, it’s up to you to decide exactly when you do it. To add to this, you also have the joy of not have to work alongside people you don’t get on with.

So if you prefer working in the evenings and spending the day doing the small things that make a big difference, you can! Things such as dropping off and picking up the kids from school, enjoying quality time with you partner while you aren’t exhausted from work, or taking part in the hobbies in the hobbies you love can now become luxuries which you can enjoy again.

The relief that’s gained from working for yourself isn’t all associated with your downtime. There’s a good chance you’ll also enjoy your work more as in many cases you can do things at a pace that suits you and aim to meet targets that you set yourself.

And for those that love to work…

Some people may work for themselves and still work flat out with the ambition of earning and pushing themselves as far as possible which is completely fine. This simply outlines the beauty of being your own boss – you can alter your work life to suit you and your goals.

The bottom line is that we all need to earn to make a living for ourselves, however you shouldn’t be forced to sacrifice aspects of your life which you enjoy in order to do so – and if you find an opportunity (which can realistically support you financially) to make a change then by all means grab it. For those that value mental wealth, doing what you enjoy in an environment that suits you is crucial to living a happier life.


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