Is a marketing franchise as good as your own business?

4 March 2015
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4 March 2015, Comments: 0

Is a marketing franchise as good as your own business?


Countless successful individuals have found themselves in a position to consider leaving employment behind and starting their own business. The idea of becoming an entrepreneur is an attractive one to many, but starting your own business can be scary. There is a third option, however: join a franchise such as Opportunity Marketing and enjoy the best of both worlds. But is a franchise really as good as running your own business? Read on and find out.

Will I still be my own boss?

One of the main draws of starting your own business is that you get to be your own boss – you won’t have to answer to anyone and no-one will tell you what to do. The same is true of a franchise, but with one crucial difference: you’ll have the support you need to learn the ropes quickly. We train our franchisees to become successful businesspeople in a short timeframe, keeping in touch through one-to-one mentoring, frequent review meetings and weekly calls. We won’t be checking up on you – merely supporting you to ensure that your efforts are proving successful.

Will I have flexible working hours?

Sick of the daily grind, long commutes and punitive hours, many employees decide to start their own businesses in pursuit of more flexible working hours. However, while there might not be structured working hours and management teams to drag you out of work in the morning, many entrepreneurs find that they work far more gruelling hours running their own SME than they would have done working for someone else. Joining a franchise will provide you with the flexible structure you crave – we’ve already established a successful business model so you won’t have to dedicate 80-hour weeks putting in the groundwork.

Will anyone want my products?

This is always a fear when starting your own business. You might have an inspirational idea, but will there be any demand for your products or services once you’re off the ground? There’s no guarantee that there will be. Franchises such as Opportunity Marketing exist purely because there is a demand for them – joining our franchise will provide you with the freedom of an independent businessperson alongside the peace of mind that your products will be in demand.

Will I make a profit?

If freedom and independence are two of the key reasons why people decide to start their own businesses, profit is often the third. Are you seeking to make your fortune as an independent businessman? The truth is, it might be years before your business starts turning a profit, and years more before you’ll have anything significant in the bank. As a member of our franchise, however, you stand a great chance of turning a profit inside your first year (if not your first couple of months). You won’t have to worry about wasting time implementing a business plan or pursuing new clients, so you can expect monthly fees of £3,000 to £6,000 within the first few months.

 Are you still set on starting your own business? We didn’t think so. Contact Opportunity Marketing today to find out more about becoming a franchisee.

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