The advantages of buying a franchise explained

13 January 2016
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13 January 2016, Comments: 0

FranchisingThe advantages of buying a franchise explained


Investors in our marketing franchise come to us from two different paths. Many of our associate consultants are veterans of the marketing sector, having worked in a marketing agency or within the marketing department of a large corporation. These individuals are often tired of working as an employee and would like more freedom to further their careers. The Opportunity Marketing team also welcome freelance marketing consultants to buy into the franchise. These freelancers may be struggling to define their business and make an impact in a crowded market. We’ve seen a great deal of interest in our marketing franchise opportunity, simply because the franchise model represents the middle ground between freelancing and working as an employee. Take a look at some of the advantages of buying a franchise.

Trading using an established brand

This is perhaps the largest advantage of buying a franchise. Instead of having to build your brand from scratch, you can benefit from an established brand’s reputation, contacts, business model and online presence. When we first started Opportunity Marketing we made mistakes, and we subsequently learnt from them. Now we feel confident that our franchise model will ensure associates start making a profit within only a few months, given that the upfront cost is so low. Overall, an established brand (and a proven business model) reduces the risk to individuals.

Boost your wages

There’s only so much you can earn as a marketing employee. Your salary will always be limited by your employer, and you may only be able to negotiate a small increase in your salary each year – regardless of your achievements. With a franchise, you’ll be able to determine your own wages. Opportunity Marketing uses a ‘you earn we earn’ system of payment, so its in our interest as well as yours for you to increase your takings. With modest start-up fees and an established brand name to back you up, you’ll soon receive a hefty pay rise.

Receive support

As we mentioned above, we want you to succeed. We’ll offer you regular review meetings and phone calls to ensure that you have all the support you need. After the first six months these reviews will become less frequent, but support will always be on hand if you require it. In fact, you can make use of our extensive support network, sharing ideas with fellow associate consultants and other members of the Opportunity Marketing team.

Be your own boss

Ultimately, our franchise model still provides you with all the freedom you’d experience if you started your own business from scratch. Buying a franchise lets you determine your own work hours, holidays and clients. You don’t have to put up with corporate politics or your boss breathing down your neck. Be independent.

If you have at least five years experience in marketing and would be interested in buying into a marketing franchise, we’d like to hear from you. Get in touch today.

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