The key to an awesome life

3 November 2015
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3 November 2015, Comments: 0

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The key to an awesome life


In today’s world, far too many people put up with a job, which ultimately makes them unhappy. Society has grown to accept the ‘work to live’ proverb as the norm and many struggle to see beyond it. Doing something you don’t enjoy won’t make you happy, instead your more likely going to end every day feeling laboured and stressed. A way to change everything for the better is reachable, and more obvious than you think. Drop the ‘work to live’ attitude, and replace it with ‘live to work’. That doesn’t mean you should dedicate your life to your work, but to do what makes you happy. Having a job that you enjoy will improve your overall mood and give you purpose. Here is how that dream job of yours will be the key to an awesome life:

  • Intrigue – Actually being interested in what you do helps. A lot. Your natural intrigue towards what you do will keep you fixated on discovering more and more about your profession, instead of just staring into space disinterested.
  • Focus – The boredom you’ve experienced has often resulted in you daydreaming throughout your working day, getting little done. When you do what you love, your focus will increase tenfold. The days you’ve spent looking out of your office window will be gone.
  • Excitement – Waking up and being excited about the prospect of working is something a large percentage of people would scoff at. But the fact is, that it is possible to actually get enthusiastic about work. Being able to get out of bed and look forward to your day is key, because that excitement will give you the focus and energy you’ve been lacking.
  • Fulfilment – You know full well you have the skills and knowhow to handle more responsibility then you’ve been given at your job. Despite that, you are stuck doing the same tedious tasks without that feeling of accomplishment. Having a job that makes you end every day feeling fulfilled, is the kind of job you need. Whether it is getting the mental work out you crave, or being able to give something back to the people, that feeling of fulfilment will leave you feeling content with the actions you make.
  • Doing what you love – The most obvious, but most ignored of all of the keys to an awesome life is actually doing what YOU love. Far too many people put up with jobs they hate for one reason or another. The prospect of having a job you feel passionate about has become a distant myth that only a select few actually ever experience. Don’t put up with things for the sake of it, you will always have an opportunity to take the path you want in life.

People will argue that it’s highly unlikely you’ll find something that contains all these things. If you’ve struggled to find a job that offers you everything you’ve ever wanted, why not start something of your own? You don’t have to put up with doing something you hate, becoming self-employed is always an option. You will be able to do what you feel passionate about, giving you the chance to live a happy, and fulfilled life.


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