Three-fifths of SMEs suffer from late payment problems

5 June 2015
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5 June 2015, Comments: 0

Three-fifths of SMEs suffer from late payment problems


Despite action from business groups and thLate paymentse government to tackle late payments, it seems that many small and medium enterprises are still struggling to chase up payments that are owed them. A survey suggests that 61% of small businesses have had to deal with customers and clients failing to pay invoices by their due date. Approximately one-fifth of businesses have to wait up to three months for payment, causing significant cashflow problems. Two-fifths of SMEs write off bad debt each year.

Despite the huge costs to businesses associated with late payments, nearly eight in ten businesses fail to have a procedure or designated person to deal with chasing bad debt. Over half of SMEs do not have a formal process for putting pressure on late payments. 70% of SMEs fail to use late payment regulations to charge clients who owe them. The research by credit control firm Satago, suggests that companies take a scattergun approach to escalating late payments – costing them additional time and money.

Chasing payments is a troublesome process for any company, particularly startups. Spending time chasing after money that you should already have been given is a demoralising process.

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