What to do if your business isn’t working

27 January 2016
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What to do if your business isn’t working


Unfortunately, not every start up business will always result in success. Despite the serious passion and commitment you have poured into it, sometimes things just can’t work out. Realising your business is beginning to fail is an entrepreneur’s worst nightmare, the excitement that you were once filled with has been subsided by growing confusion and self-doubt. In such a time it can begin to become unclear on what it is you should do next, here is some advice on what to do if your business isn’t working:


  • Step back and evaluate – Your first reaction to the realisation of things not working out is going to be shock and panic, so before you make any decisions step back until you have a clear mind. Carefully think about your targets and whether or not they are achievable. Are you targeting the right markets? Is this right for you? Is it your sales technique that is letting you down? Thoroughly evaluate to discover the root of the problem.


  • Seek advice – Many people begin to feel lost when things start taking a turn for the worst. Not knowing what to do is common and there are many people you can look to for advice. Professional advice could completely turn your business around and it is an option that should be seriously considered when things start going wrong. Avoid asking friends and family for advice, you cannot guarantee that they will be able to give the honest answers your looking for. Always seek the advice of professionals.


  • Identify Costs from Investments – When in financial trouble you should look at where you can save some money. Think about what are costs, and what are investments. Paying money for an office when you could work at home is a cost. Is the new equipment you bought going to help boost your sales? If so, it’s an investment. Making some sacrifices can help balance your books so it’s worth considering keeping your business afloat in troubled times.


  • Push Through – No one said starting up your own business was going to be easy. Starting a business will really test you, both financially and mentally, especially across the first couple of years. Not every business takes off straight away so don’t panic if things aren’t working out straight away, sometimes the antidote is to just keep working hard and things will eventually begin to pick up.


Starting up your own business isn’t going to be a guaranteed success. One in three businesses fail in the UK within the first three years of starting up. Make sure you have the discipline and drive to follow through your ideas so they can reach their full potential. If you are having trouble starting up, a marketing consultancy offering a proven business model can help speed things up and push them in the right direction. If things begin to get difficult, professional help is always available to guide you in the right direction.


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