We're a consultancy

We Are Consultants

There are hundreds of marketing agencies offering web design, SEO, PR, advertising and social media management. There are very few consultancies. Opportunity Marketing specialises in strategic marketing consultancy.

Unlike the agencies and many of our competitors we do not provide full marketing solutions by offering everything to every client. Our products are strategic and analytic; they are designed to help SMEs maximise the return on investment and understand marketing.

Working together

 We Are Collaborative

Our consultancy is collaborative. We work with the clients to understand their business and help them implement strong marketing strategies. We offer honest and impartial advice and focus on return of investment.

We act as an extension of their business by understanding what they want to achieve from their marketing and ensuring their marketing gets results.

Our packages help clients focus their marketing, generating more enquiries for their business, better lead conversion and higher profitability.


We Offer Clear Marketing Packages

Our product packages are easy to understand and the prices are fixed. Our clients can choose the level that suits their budget. The transparency of our products makes us unique; none of our competitors offer such a clear and concise package.

Our packages range from a simple review of current marketing activities to full campaign management. They are priced according to level of involvement and we are clear from the outset about what the client can expect for their money.


We Make a Difference

We care about our clients. We want to help them achieve results from their marketing spend. Our goal is to work alongside them to improve sales growth and maximise profit.

Most of our clients are SMEs.  They can find it particularly difficult to focus marketing campaigns and often miss out on opportunities to reach their target markets.

Over the years we have helped businesses across many sectors and we continue to deliver results. Our aim is to make sure that every business we work with generates a return on their investment.